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Why Did He Stop Calling After Sex?

Why Did He Stop Calling After Sex?
Author: Elaine

Astonishingly this type of thing occurs frequently. Men stop calling after they’ve had sex and women sit by the phone wondering what happened. You date a man casually for a few times and things seem to go so well. You have chemistry with this man. He takes you out on a few great dates and you sense incredible connection.

After a great night out, dinner and a movie, perhaps some dancing and a couple of drinks you end up in bed with this man.

Sparks fly. And you are feeling strong feelings for him. And it just feels right, as it it was destiny.

You get up in the morning only to find that he is getting ready to leave the house. After your inquiry he gives you a peck on the cheek and says that he has to leave in a hurry. Or perhaps not. Maybe he offers to take you out to breakfast and then take you home. So he does. He even buys you breakfast at a diner and drives you home.

He says he will call you.

But there is just something that doesn’t feel right. Why did he have to leave so soon? Why did he seem so indifferent?

Unfortunately this is not uncommon. What’s gotten into him? Why did he change so drastically?

My book 101 Reasons Men Stop Calling and What You Must Do About It covers it all. Why do men stop calling after sex? Was it something I did or said? Find out why he stopped calling after sex and what to do about it to make him want to call you again. Visit Why He Doesn’t Call to learn secret strategies to make him call you back.

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