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Boyfriend Doesn’t Call – What Should You Do When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Call When He Says He Will?

When your boyfriend doesn’t call when he says he will it is natural for you to start panicking. Did he lose interest? Did something happened? Perhaps he got in trouble and he can’t call? This article will address the reasons boyfriends stop calling thus helping you navigate through the situation.

Before you call him again I want you to stop and listen to me for a moment. I want you to think about the last time you spoke with him. Did he say he would call? Did he say when he would call? Sometimes a guy says he’s call without a specific time frame in mind. When he says, I’ll call you later, you are probably thinking that “later” means later that same day. Waiting for a couple of hours you become impatient.

To a guy, however, “later” means some time in the future, without any specific constrains.

If he said he’d call, he will call when he has the time to give you his undivided attention. Don’t pressure him into calling you every day like a clock.

Now, listen carefully!

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